Mixing in Fly Wheel for a Well-balanced Training Program

Have you ever worked your tail off on an incline in spin class only to see your neighbor spinning so fast it’s highly doubtful they’ve got any resistance on at all?  If the thought of reaching over and turning up their resistance a few full turns tempts you the way that it tempts me, I encourage you to check out Fly Wheel.  

They use torque and speed to create a metric called power, and at key moments during your ride, you can see scope the torque board to see how your effort stacks up against the other folks in your class.  Of course, aliases are encouraged and you can opt not to participate, so this is by no means a shaming technique.  A little aggro?  Perhaps.  But I think it’s a beautiful thing to hold yourself accountable to the rest of the class.

Better yet, it’s a great way to squeeze in some social cross-training into your marathon training program.  

Check out a location nearest you.